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Kiran Leonard's new album out now

Kiran Leonard’s spellbinding Real Home LP is out now!

So very excited to unleash Kiran Leonard’s new, and in my opinion best-ever, album into the world today. Please listen as soon as you can here. And get an LP or CD from Kiran’s Bandcamp if you’d like.

Working with Kiran on this record has been a real honour, and the reactions to all the singles so far have warmed my heart a lot. I think this is an album with a lot of heart, and it seamlessly welds that emotionality to Kiran’s complex musicality and forward-thinking forms. I’m excited for you all to hear it and know what you think of it. It’s a real journey start to finish. A masterpiece.

The album has contributions from many people in the Memorials of Distinction universe, which is lovely. Members of Shovel Dance Collective and caroline are all over the record, and also in the live touring band. Dear Laika is on the record. Other very talented friends too.

In case you missed it on social media, he also let me direct my first feature length (over 1 minute) music video for the compellingly chaotic album opener Pass Between Houses. Give it a watch if you’d like. The music made me think of a chase scene, so I wanted Kiran running down back alleys and tumbling over favella roofs with chickens flying everywhere. But Kiran said that the song is actually about stasis and not moving at all. So then I did the running around and Kiran just stood still.

Clips from the video

Kiran and the band are going on tour around the UK very soon. I highly recommend buying a ticket to see them ASAP as they are incredibly good and obviously the music is amazing. Poster below.

8TH MAY - SALFORD, the White Hotel, with Quade
9TH MAY - GLASGOW, Glad Café
10TH MAY - NEWCASTLE, with Snapped Ankles
11TH MAY - SHEFFIELD, Delicious Clam
12TH MAY - OXFORD, Common Ground, with Lobby
13TH MAY - CAMBRIDGE, the Blue Moo

Anyway thanks very much for reading and or listening or maybe even watching too! Catch you soon.

Josh x