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Kiran Leonard's Real Home & Alvidrez's Antiphon

Kiran Leonard’s Next Album, Newest Single

So very excited to announce that veteran album maker Kiran Leonard will release his next with us. Real Home will come out on the 16th of April, and I think it’s the very best of a hefty catalogue.

It’s challenging and interesting, as everything he does is, but it’s also sensitive and personal in a way that I found strikingly disarming. The launch track ‘My Love, Let’s Take The Stage Tonight’ (above), is the perfect encapsulation of that. It’s got an open shirted, flower waving air of total romance. Stunning.

There’s also a headline UK tour. More info below. His Brixton Windmill headline on 6th March sold out PRONTO. So get on it.

Alvidrez’s Antiphon is Out Now

I'm so buzzed that Antiphon, the album by Alvidrez is now out in the world.

When I first heard this album, it was cold and dark, and everything was bleak. Within its layers of distortion, organs and cathedral reverbs, there's a warmth that was incredibly comforting. The harmonies and lyrics burst through like a ray of light. I asked Libby if I could release it as quickly as possible, as I wanted people to have it to help themselves through the cold, hard winter.

Now, in London, the sun is out. Flowers are coming out. Birds are singing. Now, also, the album is finally out, maybe too late for my plan. But the album is still resonating heavily, and life still sucks, so there is still room for the album to do its work on you all.

I hope you all give it a listen and enjoy it.

Order cassette + hymn book or just simply stream Antiphon HERE.

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