melodies carving through thick textures of sound (Jan 24)

Welcome Alvidrez to the label

Happy new year, everyone!

Extremely happy to welcome California-raised, Glasgow-based composer and writer Alvidrez to the label roster.

Their debut album 'Antiphon' is a meditative, heavy bath of warm cocoon. Melodies carving through thick textures of sound. ‘Antiphon’ is out digitally and as a cassette with risoprint booklet on 20th of Feb.

Pre-order / listen here:

This first track 'Hymn For The Corner' is the opener - the one that hooked me into this world. It lays bare some of the album's central themes.

“I came up with the idea for ‘Hymn for the Corner’ after having a big long chat about childhood with my friend Cindy inside of St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh…the conversation was about our mutual upbringings in some type of church – and how our relationship to religion has changed. We spoke about worship and the feeling of closeness to god – and how those same feelings can be recreated in a good gig, a movie screening, or just sitting around a fire with friends.

This song was born out of the idea that once you lose your faith in something it’s up to you to find something else to believe in, which is hard to do when someone has told you how to be a person for your whole life. You can be wrong, you can change your mind, you can be wrong again, and that’s fine…[it] represents the recognition of lostness and the realization that it’s not some massive epiphany that happens all at once. It’s slow and quiet. It’s giving into the ground – lying in it. Being okay with being lost.

The song was recorded with organs upon organs, as is the rest of the album. I bought an old honky-tonk sounding piano on Gumtree for 20 quid and used that to record the piano parts. Normally, I write things straight into Logic, but this one was born out of sitting for hours in front of my piano while my friend was listening on in my freezing uninsulated bedroom in Glasgow.”


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