June 2023

dreamTX, Big Boots, festivals, etc.

~Introducing dreamTX~

The next album released on Memorials of Distinction will be living in memory of something sweet - the debut album by dreamTX - out 26th July.

2 singles with videos are out already - Elated and In Too Deep - two of my favourite songs from the album.

dreamTX’s music contains multitudes. On first listen it’s poppy indie rock of a slightly emo persuasion - catchy, sunset hooks with a sense of nostalgic longing. Repeated exposure reveals more: the lyrics are endless journeys through corridors without clear definition, the production is overwrought, destroying the songs with layers of manipulation. Earnest songwriting at war with experimentation.

dreamTX, born Nick Das, grew up in Texan suburbia and now lives in LA -the wide open skyline (parking lots as far as the eye can see) and baking sun feels ever present in his work, the heat distorting and fraying his compositions. This is emotional pop music filtered through 1 million new age soul-searching trips - licking poisonous frogs and ketamine-adjusted sensory deprivation tanks. The memories of the love and pain are lost and instead there are merely free floating feelings. Two main metaphors are brought to mind for me: 1) a computer hardrive full of music that has corrupted, maybe due to sun exposure, 2) a human full of memories that have corrupted, maybe due to acid-induced ego death. Both metaphors are both a bit annoying, but this music is very good and worth your time.

Pre-order the album here.

To let you all a little behind the curtain, this is the first time I’ve ever released something that someone I don’t know has cold-emailed me. I hope that’s a testament to the quality.

dreamTX is playing some shows, including one in London this week:

8th June - LONDON - AMP Studios
3rd August - LA - Coaxial Arts
22nd August - NYC - Trans-Pecos

Grove Stamps On the Monarchy

Everyone’s favourite rabble rouser is back with their first original material since last year’s Feed My Desire - BIG BOOTS - and they are takin no prisoners with this one.

They put it best:

“We're told that there's no money for people & public services, but there is £100,000,000 for the coronation for a billionaire. The Royal family are a symbol of all kinds of supremacy – class supremacy, white supremacy, imperialism – and we need to decide how we want to be represented as a country now, and not have it be decided for us. We're being pushed coronation biscuits & bunting in Tescos whilst deportations, housing and living situations become dire.”

They are playing a FUCKTONNE of festivals this year as per usual around the UK and Europe - more announced every day.

KEXP / Tiny Desk Videos

Both caroline and Naima Bock had some incredible videos out from their times in the USA earlier this year.

Massive bucket list for me and them … mad and beautiful.

It’s brilliant.

Live Shows

Porridge Radio


Naima Bock


Shovel Dance Collective (check out the album we released)

18th June - Cecil Sharp House, London [TICKETS]

4-11th August - Sidmouth Folk Festival, Sidmouth [TICKETS]

26th August - Northgate Folk Festival, Chester [TICKETS]

1-3rd September - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham [TICKETS}


I have loads of merch please buy it i’m moving house help me please


Also please get some merch from Naima, caroline, Porridge, Grove, Shovels - I would appreciate it bigtime.

I love you all.

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Josh xxxx