July 2023

living in memory of something sweet / P*W*R

living in memory of something sweet - the debut album by dreamTX - is out today. I’ve said many many positive things about this beautiful album, but don’t take my word for it, give it a listen.

If you are vibing please tell a high vibrational friend.

Has been an honour and a joy to work with Nick on this album. What a talented, hardworking and lovely guy.

Some cool dreamTX dates for some IRL dreamTX experiences:

27th July - LA - Listening Party @ El Prado Bar
3rd August - LA - Coaxial Arts
22nd August - NYC - Trans-Pecos

Grove unleashes P*W*R EP

So pumped that Grove has dropped their 3 track EP P*W*R and it’s a banger - been amazing the reception so far.

Also incredible video just dropped for STINKIN RICH FAMILIES which is featuring Bob Vylan and directed by the amazing Talia Beale aka Taliable who we’re massive fans of… it’s awesome.

Live Shows

Porridge Radio


Naima Bock



I have loads of merch please buy it i moved house help me please


Also please get some merch from Naima, caroline, Porridge, Grove, Shovels - I would appreciate it bigtime.

I love you all.

Josh xxxx