A homage to domestic failure

Kiran Leonard debuts on Memorials of Distinction

Kiran Leonard’s ode to being
rubbish at everything

So excited to announce that the great Kiran Leonard is joining the label, with this amazing sub-minute country warble. Kiran also let me direct my first music video, which is very kind of him, it was a lot of fun.

I was desperate to release this track. I felt that anyone who’s aware of Kiran’s work might find it hard to believe that he could write such a short, sweet song. It’s touching, personal and funny, but no less densely textured and thought-through than anything else he’s touched. A masterpiece.

His headline at the Windmill on the 6th of March is sold out, but join the waiting list to have a chance of joining. More gigs around the UK announced soon - so follow him on the socials etc.

Alvidrez returns with
Garden Of Forgotten Things

The response to Alvidrez’s debut track ‘Hymn To The Corner’ really surprised me. I knew the track was amazing - with a thick, thick carpet of organs, with strong enough lyrics and melody to cut through to the heart - but it’s such a nice surprise to realise other people feel the same way as you.

This next track ‘Garden of Forgotten Things’ shows a different side to the project. A dark, pulsating cloud crossing the horizon and heading towards you. Pulsating cello, a heavy electric bass solo. And then the clouds clear.

As Alvidrez relates, the song aims “to capture that desire to push people away and to say I don’t need you. But the true heart of the song is when the pumping instruments fall apart, and a single voice comes out and says yes, I do need you and I’m sorry.”

Full album Antiphon out 20th Feb!

A year of
SUEP’s Shop

It’s been a year since SUEP - who i’d consider to be the Memorials of Distinction ‘house band’ - released their mini-LP debut ‘Shop’.

6 tracks that absolutely bang. Telling tales of ambitiously lacklustre lives.

Order the LP here now. Stocks wont last forever.


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